Monday, June 27, 2011

L.A. Noire Coming to PC with Increased Fidelity and 3D Support

Good news for those of you who wanted to play L.A. Noire on the PC. Rockstar Games announced last Friday that its recently released detective adventure game, previous released only for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, will coming to PC this fall.

In a blog post on their official website, Rockstar stated the PC version of L.A. Noire will be developed by Rockstar Leeds and is built to run on a wide range of PCs. Specific feature additions include keyboard mapping and gamepad support. The game will also receive a graphical improvement (probably through the ability to increase resolution) and 3D support.

Originally developed by Team Bondi, L.A. Noire tells the story of Detective Cole Phelps, a World War II hero rising through the ranks of the LAPD in a simulated 1947 Los Angeles.

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