Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Playlist – 10/13/2012

Diablo III

I haven’t sold anything on the real-money auction house yet, but I did get my Barbarian to level 60. Actually, I reached level 60 on my Barbarian, my Monk, a brand new Wizard I made, and they all have a few paragon levels. I acquired some bonus experience gear with the help of some friends in addition to a near 1200 DPS sword that made leveling significantly faster. I managed to put in more than 100 hours in Diablo III over the last week. I can see how people played Diablo II for 1000s of hours. Once you reach the end game, the objective changes. It’s no longer about killing monsters to gain experience to hit that next level. It’s now about going through densely populated areas throughout the act finding and killing the elite monster packs in search of rare items. Using a melee build I found for my Wizard, I’m able to cut swaths through Act 1 and 2, though I’m still struggling with Act 3. I’m not sure how long I will keep this up for. Like I said at the start, the ultimate goal is to sell at least $20 worth of items on the real-money auction house. Eventually, I’d also like to play a Witch Doctor up to level 60. I have no interest in a Demon Hunter, so after Witch Doctor I’d be satisfied with my array of characters. It’ll be interesting to see how the dynamics change when patch 1.05 releases and monster power is implemented. Diablo III is a game that I can see myself coming back to for weekends at a time when I have nothing else I need to play, but I can also see XCOM fitting that role too.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown

I’m saving the details about how fantastic XCOM is for another article later in the week sometime, so instead I wanted to talk about the way I along many others are playing. XCOM allows you to customize your soldiers, changing anything from their look, their voice, and their name. What I’ve been doing, and I think pretty much the best way to play XCOM, is using the names of my real-life friends for my soldiers. It creates this extra bit of connection to the soldiers that you wouldn’t normally get with the randomly generated names. Any time we have a successful or nearly failed mission, I’ll update my friends via Facebook of status of their in-game counterparts. It almost makes me wonder why, in the age of Facebook integration with so many games, Firaxis didn’t implement it, but there should be a way to auto-populate names of friends from Facebook into XCOM and send them notifications when they earn promotions or die in battle. Facebook integration has been contempt by many in gaming, but this would honestly be one of the better ways to implemented it.

Game Deals

Green Man Gaming has a deal for 20% off all downloadable titles with the promo code GMG20-FXYD1-7WHP1. This includes last week’s release of Dishonored for $48 and the Borderlands 2 Mechromancer Pack for $8, both after coupon.

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