Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The first 30 minutes of Aliens: Colonial Marines in GIFs

As Corporal Winters aboard the USS Sephora, you awake out of cryosleep to respond to a distress call aboard the USS Sulaco. The Sulaco, last seen over Fiorina "Fury" 161 (as noted in Aliens 3), is orbiting back over LV-426. Your squad, Rhino 2-3, is the second squad sent in to assess the situation and recover the flight recorder of the USS Sulaco. Oorah to ashes.

As you travel across the umbilical from the Sephora to the Sulaco, it’s rocked by an explosion. The tunnel begins to crack as oxygen leaks to space, minutes ticking away until there is no return to the Sephora.

Isn’t that glass supposed to crack?

Most of your squad is unconscious from the explosion, but you spot the remainder of Rhino 2-1, the first squad sent in, to the south. You head in deeper to find them and head back to the Sephora.

Small moments like this tail appearing for a split-second are the only parts where it gets the Aliens vibe right.

You head further in, finding Keyes, one of the members of Rhino 2-1, still alive and stuck on the wall in some kind of webbing.

Of course, the logical thing is to run your torch over his arm as you cut him down.

As you cut him loose, an alien appears, knocking you on your back.

After killing it, you and Keyes head deeper in to find the flight recorder so you can figure out exactly what happened to the Sulaco. More aliens attack as you fight your way to the flight deck.

Watch the tail waggle as the alien on the right dies.

You grab the flight recorder before sealing off the front entrance to the room. You and Keyes retreat through the back.

These screens actually show blocks of colors rather than letters and numbers.

More aliens burst out of vents and glass to attack.

The death animations make aliens look more like guys in rubber suits than the movies ever did.

Here is another moment nailing the sense of being overwhelmed.

As you make your way to the hangar, Keyes sees an alien on a pile of ordinance and throws a grenade causing a massive explosion.

It’s not that big of an explosion.

You and Keyes catch up with the rest of Rhino 2-3, but the explosion sealed the door to the airlock and umbilical, so you hold down and defend with the rest of your squad while Keyes runs a bypass to open the door.

This alien doesn’t actually want to kill you, it just wants to be petted.

You finally make your way across the umbilical with the Sulaco behind you, but Keyes falls to his knees groaning, as an alien bursts from his chest. He holds a grenade in his hand and blows himself up, severing the tunnel between the two ships.

This scene is as awkward as it looks.

You climb up and seal the door behind, hoping you can find another shuttle to get back to the Sephora. But wait, the Sephora was in front of you with the Sulaco behind you when the explosion went off, yet you climbed forward to the Sulaco? With that kind of logic, there is only one thing left to do.

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